Extension of Site Reservation in the GigaVaasa Area for Establishing Graphite Anode Materials Plant

Beowulf (AIM: BEM; Spotlight: BEO), and its wholly owned Finnish subsidiary Grafintec Oy (“Grafintec”), are pleased to provide an update for the advance site reservation in the GigaVaasa area for the establishment of the Graphite Anode Materials Plant (“GAMP”). 

On 14 February 2024, the municipality of Korsholm approved a renewal of the advance site reservation for Plot 1, Block 3017 in the GigaVaasa area by a further six months. The extended advance site reservation is valid until 31 July 2024, with option to extend further.

Rasmus Blomqvist, Managing Director of Grafintec, commented:

“I am very pleased that the municipality of Korsholm is showing us its continued support by approving a further renewal of the advance site reservation. Grafintec’s team supported by its engineering partners have made good progress since the initial site reservation a year ago. The approval of a renewal of the site reservation enables us to continue with our development plans without delay. We look forward to updating the market with our progress in Finland.”

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